Divorce Lawyers in Victorville, CA

There is a reason we restrict our practice to serving only family law cases. Sherry A. Thompson of Thompson Law Office fully understands the law surrounding family issues and has more than 35 years of experience. This background allows her to best fit our clients’ needs as they walk through the difficult issues surrounding divorce and separation.

Legal Separations

A separation is often the first stepping stone to a divorce. Though many people look at a separation as a temporary agreement, the terms of this agreement could become binding. It is imperative that you work with a California Certified Family Law Specialist from the beginning of the process to ensure that your needs and desires are heard and recognized within the court.

It is important to remember that both parties remain legally married during a separation and are not free to remarry until a divorce is finalized.

Property Rights

Whether you are dealing with joint property or separate property, our legal services will help you recognize each asset and plan for the future. Bank accounts and insurance policies must be reviewed in terms of benefits to each party, and the financial situations of both parties should be fully addressed. Many of these agreements are legally binding for years into the future and can be difficult to change. Working with Sherry A. Thompson from the beginning will help you achieve the best outcome for future financial security.

Child Custody

At Thompson Law Office, we believe in always putting the children first. Divorce can be messy, and your kids should never be caught in the crossfire. We can work to put visitation schedules in place and fight for solid restraining orders, when necessary.

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