Child Support Lawyer for Victorville, CA


When a couple makes the decision to separate and file for divorce, there is often a third party affected by the proceedings: the children. To ensure that the needs of the child or children are met, one or both partners may attempt to secure child support. This can add extra stress to the legal proceedings of any divorce.

As a certified family law specialist, Sherry A. Thompson offers compassionate guidance in these situations. The legal team at Thompson Law Office has over 30 years of experience in the practice of family law. As child support lawyers, we will ensure that your child support issues are handled fairly.

What to Expect in a Child Support Case

All divorce proceedings are different. Couples who share children have several custody options:

  • Sole custody: custody for all children is granted to one parent

  • Joint custody: custody for all children is granted to both parents

  • Split custody: in cases where multiple children are involved, custody for individual children is split between both parents

During the proceedings, visitation rights will be determined, and a judge may order regular child support. The type of custody agreement the partners share depends on their ability to communicate, their ability to provide for the children, and the judge's view of the situation. It is not rare to find one or both partners leveling allegations against the other during these proceedings in order to secure custody; this is why it is essential to have a lawyer who can offer objective guidance and help you move past any unfortunate allegations that are made.

Why an Experienced Attorney Can Make a Difference

No one wants to battle with an ex-partner over custody or child support, but it is sometimes necessary to protect the well-being of the children. Child support mediation can include legal maneuvering on both sides. An experienced attorney is aware of the strategies that parties on both sides of an argument can make. Thompson Law Office will advocate on your behalf, negotiating for the child support arrangement that works best for you and your children.

To speak with a child support lawyer about your legal situation, contact Thompson Law Office today and schedule a consultation.